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Before we begin, here’s a quick note to Young Readers.

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Let’s Begin….

This is a call for AVID READERS to unite and push for more reading in our community.

We know who we are.

We are the ones who stare at pages, tablets, and iPhones, an inch from our noses, immersed in another world at 3 o’clock in the morning. We are the ones who shed a tear as we closed the back cover of Roth’s Allegiant, and wished that we were able to hold the survivors in our arms and say, “Time heals all wounds” ; We are the ones hoping that Four would soon forget about Trish and use his  moves on us instead; not to fend off deadly foes, mind you, but to fold our laundry, cook our forgettable meals and clear away our dishwashers.

Who hasn’t been there?

No matter what has been said about the alternate immersion our society is into now: that Minecraft, that the Kardashians, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have taken over our lives; we believe that books, in whatever format, are here to stay and save our souls from ourselves.

So, let’s READ.


Benefits for signing up:

  • Read pre-released books in manuscript form.
  • Talk to a writer and help make the content of a book-in-progress the best it can be before the book gets published.
  • Get mentioned in the book’s acknowledgement page.

Become a REVIEWER.

  • Read a pre-released book in its final proof form.
  • Write a review on this website. (Optional: purchase a book and write a review on Amazon.com)
  • Get a free e-book in its final form


Let’s talk about new books with our buddies, let’s appear forward and trendy, let’s be a part of that loop, that social circle.

Who wouldn’t want to be the first one to read a novel and tout about how it’s affected your mood…?

Be the one who gets it!

If you think you have what it takes to be an ADULT / YOUNG ADULT BETA READER and/ or a REVIEWER, write to us at:


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About us.



Consider reading The Text Police Club by local author, Dina Martin. It’s heartfelt, perfect for the young and the young at heart. (11 & older)

We’ll include your review of the book on our website. You will help parents, grandparents or other family members decide if the book is perfect for their kids, grandchildren, or middle grade nieces and nephews.

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Available on Amazon.com



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