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The Text Police Club

by Dina Martin.

 (Publisher: Foxwink Studio & Publishing) 

 Hot Off the Press

It’s perfect for readers, young and old, packed with memorable characters that jump out of the book, lovable and not-so-lovable animals, new concepts, awesome kid power, twisty plot and subplots, and a little bit of action. After you have read it, please feel free to come back and post a review here. Just don’t reveal the plot, okay??

The author says that she’s got a couple of books up her sleeve already- spin-offs from this book. We’ll get the word out when the next book becomes available!


How do you forgive a killer? 

Emma Richards never got the chance to hear her father say a final I love you before his tragic car accident. Her days now follow a boring routine: school, home, call BFF Rachel. Repeat.

Life takes a whirlwind turn when she meets a strange new boy in town, and starts working with him on a short film about an abandoned fox cub. But the painful memory of her father’s death returns when Emma witnesses a driver texting and breaking the law. Determined to get those texting drivers off the road, Emma forms the Text Police Club. Trouble ensues.

Touching. Unexpected. The Text Police Club centers on friendship, family, and the courage to let go.

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