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Our Phase 1 Goal is Going Strong

In order to reach phase 1 of our goal, we had author, Dina Martin, have a talk at Sierra Elementary, Arvada, about reading. Her topic for the day was BETA reading vs reviewing.  Here’s the news posted on Sierra’s Beta Club.

On Tuesday 12/2/2014, Sierra Elementary hosted author Dina Martin, to talk to 6th graders during reading class about BETA readers and reviewing. She read a whole chapter from her new manuscript draft–still hasn’t been seen by the editor–so that the students can comment and give feedback on the chapter. She also talked about the launching of space capsule, ORION Exploration Flight Test-1  and received reports later that more than half of the kids watched the launch that happened on 12/5/2014! Her new book draft called Taze Sloan’s ORION EFT-1 will be launched some time in 2015. Stay tuned for photos!

Sierra is now one of our partners to help promote reading among the young. If you’d like to contribute to this program, please email us at:

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Our Reviews are coming in…



Foxwink has been actively sending out books and review fill-out sheets to our young readers from Sierra Elementary School, Arvada, CO in late October, 2014. Due to our strict no photo/ no name policy when it comes to school-based programs online, we can only put in their reviews on a CODENAME basis.

For Sierra students, however, they will be able to :

  • sign in using a special password through the administration office, and once they’re in the Sierra Beta Readers Club page, they will be able to….
  • see photos of their Beta friends,  view themselves engaging  in reading programs with current authors, and be able to
  • read reviews and talk about other exciting happenings involving reading, writing and creativity within the world of The Text Police Club (Our featured book).

Here’s a review from BETA Codename: Splashy Bear about our featured book, The Text Police Club.

Emma has been heartbroken since her dad got killed in a texting car accident. When a boy comes to town and turns things around, the two set up the text police club and try to stop texting drivers.

This book was amazing! The first chapter just pulled me in because so many questions popped into my head and I didn’t want to put the book down. I love Emma because she wants to change the world and she cares for animals which is a lot like me.

I can’t wait to read about the next adventure with the text police club.

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For more reviews:

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