Our Projects and Goals

Foxwink is a non-traditional studio and publishing company established in May of 2014. We are doing some legwork to get a couple of initiatives started in the City of Arvada. Right now, we are at PHASE 1 of our project.


Connect with our readers, beta readers & reviewers in Arvada

  • Arvada Elementary & Middle Grade Schools 
  • Arvada residents, friends and their families who love to read


Connect with new writers in Arvada.

  • Provide our candid view on the craft.
  • Provide a way for writers to be aware of what’s out there in the publishing arena.
  • We’ll help to point you to the right direction for self-publishing, what pitfalls to avoid, what links, or whom to follow for sound expertise. (We are not accepting manuscripts at the moment.)


Connect with small businesses in Arvada.

  • Stand up a paid advertising area to serve the reading & writing community.
  • Offer illustration and book design service.



It’s simple. Do everything with heart.  

We are thankful to receive technical advice from…

The community in Arvada and metro Denver

to guide us through our first year of connecting with

teachers, school children and their parents,

local writers and editors,

artists, printers and photographers.

We’d love to see the next generation reach new heights

in reading, writing, and creativity.


We are totally stoked to be working directly with…

  • An award-winning, nationally published pencil artist
  • An international graphic designer consultant
  • An editor with years of worldwide experience 
  • A group of school children with strong opinions

We are young, a work in progress,

but we are here for the long haul.

We will share our creative

process,  and our ups and downs with you.

We will allow ourselves to

fail in our creative endeavors, all for the sake of learning.

One thing we don’t want, is to fail YOU.

If we are not able to answer your questions,

we’ll point you to another website with experts on hand.

And maybe once we’re able to create the proper, secured structure,

we will sell a thing or two right on this website.

Meanwhile, let’s take a moment,

frolic in the fox kingdom together, and be merry!

See you at the top!





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