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Hi I’m Flying-Foot Squirrel, the head of the

Arvada Beta & Reviewers Club for kids.

Our feature book is The Text Police Club.

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Here’s MY written review of the book (11/4/2014)

and below that is the typed transcript:


Here’s a typed transcript (edited for spelling & tenses)

The book The Text Police Club is about a girl named Emma, who is still trying to cope with her father’s death. Soon she finds a fox cub and a new boy in town, Damon, who changes her world forever. I did enjoy this book! It has a lot of heart!

My favorite character is either Emma or Damon because they are both great friends, nice, and interesting in their own ways. The book did keep me guessing about certain characters. This book did make me cry in one scene!

My favorite scene is when Emma is thinking about her dad sprinkling snow-flake-powdered sugar from heaven! The book was written very well. That powdered sugar scene was meant to be sad and I could tell by the good description.

I would recommend this book to kids (or adults, even) who love books about friends, loss, and foxes (animals). This book is definitely unique!

Splashy Bear Review

Received 11/4/2014  from codename:  SPLASHY BEAR says:

Emma has been heartbroken since her dad got killed in a texting car accident. When a boy comes to town and turns things around, the two set up the text police club and try to stop texting drivers.

This book was amazing! The first chapter just pulled me in because so many questions popped into my head and I didn’t want to put the book down. I love Emma because she wants to change the world and she cares for animals which is a lot like me.

I can’t wait to read about the next adventure with the text police club.

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