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Book: Death by Distraction: How Do We Let Go?

Dina Martin is happy. Sprinkle in a dash of  giddiness, a teaspoon of jitters and butterflies, you have a perfect recipe for a first time author less than a week before the release of her debut novel, The Text Police Club.

The Text Police Club? I ask.

“Yes, weird title, isn’t  it?” She smiles. “But it’s natural.”

In her Malaysian-laced American accent, Martin tells me that the book is about an eleven-year old girl from Arvada trying to lead a normal life after her father’s tragic texting and driving accident. The girl forms a club that partners school kids and the local police to get texting drivers off the road.

I ask why she chose the subject of texting.

“Because texting while driving is what’s happening now in real life.” Martin adds that the book is all about empowering kids to turn their lives around when faced with something as unimaginable such as losing a loved one to a distracted driver. She didn’t want the book to dwell too much on the mind-numbing experience that death brings to a family, so she’s set the story for a year and a half later.

Of course, add some drama to any mix and you’ve just baked yourself an entertaining book perfect for middle grade readers.

She mentions that the book is highly local, and that she’s woven in Arvada’s highways and byways, 80th Avenue, Wadsworth Boulevard, Carr, and Ralston Street to the story line. She plans to continue using Arvada as the home base for all her books.

Why Arvada?

“Because it’s my home. I live less than ten minutes’ drive away from the mountains. Even though my house doesn’t face the mountain range, I still get glimpses of a picture postcard view every time I come home from the grocery store. It never fails to lift my spirit.”

The Text Police Club centers on friendship, family and finding the courage to let go. Age 10 and up. Order it on Amazon.com. $14.95 plus shipping & handling.

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